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Contractors, the Army's Neglected Stepchildren
U.S. Military to Supervise Iraq Security Convoys
State Department downplays report of security contractor drawdown
Contractors and 'Rent an Army'
AUDIO: Is Warfare Being Contracted Out by the Pentagon?
Army Says It Will Withhold $19.6 Million From Halliburton, Citing Potential Contract Breach
Army Probes War Contractor Fraud
General May See Early Success in Iraq
U.S. Navy Outsources to BAE Systems
Military scams create problems for real service members
Jack Ehn: Hiring Hessians
At a premium
DOD hires airline to transport war dead
Military mulls hiring private contractor for medical airlift
DOD lacks personnel to oversee contractors
No mercenaries in US uniforms
US military may recruit foreigners to serve
Logistic Dynamics, Inc. Approved by Department of Defense as Certified Transportation Service Provid
IAP Challenges Halliburton for Army Deal
USMA evaluating 500 civilian jobs
The Third Battlefront
Soldiers Pinned Down by Predatory Payday Loans
Army disavows Blackwater work
Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture
Army Tries Private Pitch For Recruits
Beating the Drums of War. US Troop Build-up
DOD, State To Launch New Counterterrorism Work In Asia And Africa
US war costs continue to shoot up
Council not barring military service
Inside the Army
Ex-Pentagon officials accused of fraud
Army To Rebid Halliburton Unit's Contract
US outsources war to Filipinos
The U.S. Military's Manpower Crisis
A Spy Returns to the CIA Fold
Military seeks head count of contractors in Iraq
Rebuild U.S. Military Around A Corps of Engineers Function
Cost Of Putting Each Fighter In War Zone At Record High
Security at military bases: a job for private firms?
Military Enforces Labor Law In Iraq
U.S. military issues new rules to crack down on human trafficking by contractors in Iraq
US Military In Iraq Demands Return Of All Contractor Passports
Military confirms contracting abuses
Army won't renew Alaska Native firms' military security contracts
Military officer accused in scandal
Army Hired Criminals as Security Guards, Report Says
Army's Guard Program Requires Greater Oversight and Reassessment
Army Faulted for Security Guard Contracts
Defence to outsource F-111 unit
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