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CPS to decide on Mark Thatcher "wonga coup" charges
Blackwater offering to protect ships from pirates near Somalia
Can Private Military Firms Play a Role in Darfur?
Addax uses Nigeria navy staff to guard oil facilities
British mercenary faces 30 years for EGuinea coup plot: court
Somalia, Firm Sign Pact to Tackle Piracy
Prosecutors ask for 30-year prison sentence for Briton accused in Equatorial Guinea coup plot
French Mercenaries To Patrol Somalia, Blackwater in Mia Farrow's Dream for Darfur
Russian Mercenaries Over Africa
Asian Mercenaries in Zimbabwe
Mauritania soldiers shoot French security man
All hiring for Iraq halted
Overkill On Mercenary Issue
S. Africa's silent war in Iraq
Mercenary accused of Africa coup plot offered secret deal for freedom
UK move on mercenaries
Simon Mann, captive soldier of fortune
Prisoners tell of torture hell awaiting Mann
British 'mercenary leaderí loses fight over coup plot extradition
Fate of British 'mercenary' in hands of despots
Jailed Old Etonian 'refused' vital surgery
Mark Thatcher accused by coup plotter
Tortured mercenary Mann close to death
Mercenary Mann
'UK Knew of Coup Plot'
SAPS to Gain Security Insights from Previous FIFA World Cup Hosts
DynCorp Hired for Somalia Peacekeeping
Somalia: U.S. hires military contractor to back peacekeeping mission in Somalia
Mercenaries cleared of African coup plot
Outcome of 'mercenary' case fair: ISS
Secret service agent testifies in mercenary case
Liberian mercenaries in Guinea
Ondo PDP Accuses Labour Party of Importing Mercenaries for Violence
200 go to Iraq
Mercenaries Saga - E. Guinea Seeks Foiled Coup Leader's Extradition
Mercenaries saga: E. Guinea seeks foiled coup leaderís extradition
Mercenary accused to turn state witness
Trial of alleged mercenaries to be heard tomorrow
Soldiers of fortune
Blackwater seeks role in training security forces in Sudan
SAS hunts fleeing Al-Qaeda Africans
Nigeria And A New Defence Policy
Itís time for a new International Brigade
Nigerian Oil and ArmorGroup
British hostage killed in Nigeria
Eq. Guinea leader says too soon to free S.Africans
Africa falls prey to the "dogs of war" as Pretoria drives out mercenaries
Worker Security Costly in Nigeria
Private firms eye Darfur
US continues covert action in Somalia
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