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PSD: Not your everyday job
US contractors in Iraq face peril, neglect
OPINION: The Geneva Conventions and Habeas Corpus: Why the Left-Wing Reactionaries are Wrong
Privatisation of war: the growing use of private military and security companies
CACI Official Blasts News-Press for Reporting on ‘Iraq for Sale’ Movie
The Civilian Security Experts
Privatization of peacekeeping raises concerns
A South African in Iraq - Interview
Europe worried by impact of aging population on military recruitment, report says
Soldiers of Misfortune
Revolving Door to Blackwater Causes Alarm at CIA
The 10-Minute Interview: Aegis CEO Col Tim Spicer
Werewolves migrate north
Mainers find danger stalks jobs in Iraq
Markets in everything - the new mercenaries
Much of the danger, none of the glory
UK pays £150m for private security in war zones
Our own private Iraq
Firms Vie to Provide the Future of Border Security
You'll Never Know What We Did
PR joins fight for hearts and minds
Spy Agencies Outsourcing to Fill Key Jobs
Proposal Would Make Retirement Benefits a Factor in Bidding
The East India Company: the future of the past
Documentary slams corporate profits in Iraq war
Report: Civilian recruiters effective
Privatized Warfare: The Summer of Discontent
Privatized Warfare: The Summer of Discontent
Six Questions for Robert Young Pelton
The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers
Documentary Slams U.S. Companies Working in Iraq
GBP 4.5m armoured cars sold for just GBP 44,000 - because they were too heavy
New issue of IPOA Magazine Vol. 2
Pay To Be Saved
Radio Show on Contractors from Aug. 25th 2006
Review: Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror
Blackwater: Soldiers Or Contractors?
Truck bed coating reporting for duty
Elite troops get more pay to stay
Interview with Robert Young Pelton on PMCs and PSCs
"There's No Authority Over Them"
Verdict Against Iraq Contractor Overturned
Battles-hardened greed
No Mercenaries Revealed by Russian Peacekeepers
A Mercenary Tangle
Malmstrom ends use of private security firm
Cloud coup-coup land
A Translator's Tale
Hopes slim for Aussie blast victim
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