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Item Title
Mercenary Jackpot
Union leader warned in strike row
Looking for trouble
Australian security contractor critical after roadside blast
Military Blimps Report for Duty
Have Force, Will Travel: Privatizing War
'Dogs of War' ban will rob British Army of vital frontline soldiers
SAS get 50% pay rise to halt quitters
Supply lines, and Iraq war effort, at risk
What It's All About - War profiteering around the imperium
Response to Max Hastings's PMC piece in Aug. 2 comment
We must fight our instinctive distaste for mercenaries
Publication: After The Bubble: British Private Security Companies After Iraq
Fighting Roadside Bombs: Low-Tech, High-Tech, Toy Box
In his own words: ''The guys who do this are not money-hungry pigs''
The layered look: On multi-level contracts, everyone gets a cut
New products: Seeking a larger slice of the industry pie
On offense: Aggressive actions from private armies
Blackwater: New Horizons
Forsyth linked to real-life "Dogs of War" plot
12 tips to stay safe while abroad on business
U.S. Can Withhold Security Firm Data
Pulling down big bucks: Similar risks, better money
From the Beach to the gulf: Local contractor pulls Katrina duty
Fort Swaggart: Bible campus becomes Blackwater base
Blackwater: On American Soil
Guantanamo firm enters schools
Blackwater: When Things Go Wrong
Keepers of the peace
Ivy Leaguers Leave Lebanon First and Fast Through Private Security Firms
Blackwater's top brass
Blackwater: Profitable Patriotism
Blackwater timeline
On the edge, beating the odds
Iraq After Halliburton
ArmorGroup firm as Afghanistan helps decrease dependence on Iraq
Only Pawns in Their Game
Our enemies aren't drinking lattes
IPOA Magazine - Volume 2, Number 1 - July/August 2006
‘Blair Force One’ jets are to be privatised
Contractor's rise shows blurred government, industry lines
Contractor's rise shows blurred government, industry lines
Private Military Contractors - A Short History
Nationalize the Defense Industry!
Cheney's Halliburton Paradigm for Fraud
Life in a private army in Iraq
The mercenaries or the corsairs of the XXI Century?
Tragic Hope
Is Force Protection For Contractor Personnel on the Battlefield Adequate?
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