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Item Title
In Defense of Blackwater and the Modern Day "Merc"
LCSO has lost some employees to private military contractors
Accept the Blackwater mercenaries
Civilian Contractors under Military Law
Pilot said "this is fun" before fatal Blackwater crash
Mercenaries without borders
Blackwater USA needs to be held accountable
Making a killing: how private armies became a $120bn global industry
Analysis: Blackwater -- Guilty as charged?
A buyers guide
Where Military Rules Don"t Apply
Hunter: No honour in war for today's mercenary forces
Hired guns whose main value is their expendability
Private military companies: "Shadow soldiers" of neo-colonialism
CheneyBush's "Mercenary" Legions
The private soldiers who die for America
University of Illinois severs police training partnership with Blackwater USA
Blackwater Report
Blackwater in a Grey World
The Mercenary Revolution:
Private security: Rules and riches
In outsourced U.S. wars, contractor deaths top 1,000
Contract for war: Westford man worked for private security firm in Iraq
Out of the Grey Area
Hired guns
The Americans Have Landed
Outsourcing Security
Senators in Iraq see progress with contracts, but not much
Commander of private army says his work is 'not a game'
Group argues for shielding contractors' revenue, employee counts
Opinion: Private armies "defend" nothing
A true land of opportunity
New Book: Outsourced, by RJ Hillhouse
Contractor Says Army Unfairly Closed Bidding
Private Military Contractors
Remembering Iraq contractors as important as honoring troops
What if our mercenaries turn on us?
Local Army vet seeks to end use of private armed guards in war on terror
Private security guards: a weak link in homeland security
Private soldiers
Ill-Trained, Underpaid Guard Terror Targets
County should reject Blackwater site
Fiji Needs Laws to Monitor Recruitment Firms
Lack of policing forces village to hire security guard
In privatized US war, foreigners do most of dying
Recruiting company's sleazy past
America's corporate mercenary army
Public scrutiny for private armies
Suit against Blackwater over contractor deaths moves to arbitration
Armies for Hire
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