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Item Title
Minutemen could patrol Canadian border
The Pitfalls of Privatising War
Outsourcing War - by P. W. Singer
Fury at 'shoot for fun' memo
Mercenaries to Play Greater Role
Business on the Battlefield
The Pentagon's Private Corps
When Private Armies Take To The Front Lines
Soldiers for Sale
Idle Hands for Export
Die Stunde der Sekundanten
Cutting Through the Fog of War
Prison Interrogation for Profit
Information Warfare or Yesterday's News?
Surveillance for Sale
Uncle Sam Keeps SAIC On Call For Top Tasks
The Privatization of War
US: Indian Tribes Outsource Defense Contracts after Winning Them with Preferential Rules
Pentagon Awarded $362 billion in Contracts Without Competitive Bidding
USA: America's Most Wanted: War Profiteer Cards
Middle East: Military Contractor's Media Mess
War May Be Hell But It's Profitable
USA: The Dangers of Privatization
US: A Wartime Bonanza
USA: Making Money On Terrorism
UK: Weary of the Trigger-Happy Image, Private Military Companies Want Tighter Laws
USA: Private Jet Flies Men to 'Torture' Friendly Countries
The War on Terrorism's Gravy Train
The Jobs of War
US: Prophet Rushed to the Field For Intelligence Collection
U.S. Contractors Reap the Windfalls of Post-War Reconstruction
USA: Seeking the Edge as Government Doles Out Contracts
USA: Cash Poor Pentagon Continues Record Setting Spending Spree on Contractors
Give War a Chance: the Life and Times of Tim Spicer
US: The Spy Who Billed Me
Article on RUSI-Conference in December 2004
Differences among competetors on the market
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