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The Business of Fear: Private Companies Hawk Security in Afghanistan
US firm 'not recruiting mercenaries for Iraq'
Former Austin Police Chief Starts New Job
Companies turn to private navies to combat pirates of the Malacca Strait
Contractor killed in Afghanistan buried with police honors
Documentary: PMCs in Afghanistan
Fayette Co. man's body returns from Afghanistan
U.S. Police Advisor Killed in Afghanistan
British troops involved in upsurge of Afghan violence
Scores killed in Afghan violence
American sues U.S. over Afghanistan arrest
Police advisers in Afghanistan take aim at corruption, poor public perception
Big money for bad work in Afghanistan
American Accused of Afghan Torture Is Free
U.S. Man Held in Afghan Prison to Be Freed
5 killed, 5 missing in Afghan air crash
'Four hurt' by Afghan car bomber
Blast rattles local officers working in Afghanistan
Car bombs hurt 3 in attacks in Afghanistan
Ukrainians suspected of fighting as mercenaries in Chechnya
Four security contractors killed in blast in southern Afghanistan
CIA Contractor Freed From Jail, Rearrested
No cash for private army
Two Nepalis kidnapped in Afghanistan
Naval ships find 3rd container of explosives
Afghanistan-bound cargo missing from ship?
SCG Report on Security in Afghanistan
A plane crash in Afghanistan has a Florida company defending its
Slaying may hurt U.S. image in Afghanistan
Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?
Retired Green Beret, CIA contractor still ready for action at 75
Returning to Afghanistan in its time of need
Officer trading comforts of home for Afghan beat
Afghan Officers Learn How to Operate Army
The Shadow Warrior
Daggers fly at CIA as ex-spies uncloak
Karzai Seeks Extended U.S. Security Deal
Last Victims in Afghan Crash Identified
Interrogator Says U.S. Approved Handling of Detainee Who Died
US mercenaries spill blood over Afghan opium
Three contractors killed in Afghanistan
U.S. commander says troops to expand Afghan counternarcotics role
News from J. Idema
Afghan Military Academy Opens Gates to Future Leaders
Pentagon divided on Afghan heroin
After the Taliban
Solving Afghanistan's Opium Problem
AFGHANISTAN: How a Former U.S. Special Forces Solidier Marketed his Imaginary War
Afghanistan/Iraq: Weary Special Forces Quit for Security Jobs
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