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Iraq victims sue UK security firm
Review: Examining the privatization of American warfare
Critics allege State broke acquisition rules in Baghdad contract
Iraq private sector falters; rolls of government soar
Highway to Hell - Dispatches From a Mercenary in Iraq
US agrees to scrap immunity for security guards in Iraq
Abu Ghraib prisoners sue US army contractors over torture
Army interpreter sentenced at court-martial
Iraq deal with US to end immunity for foreign contractors
New US military contractor overbilling scandal in Iraq looms
Contracting Iraq
U.S. Seeks Contractors To Train Iraqi Military
The Iraqi Dogs of War: An ex-SAS veteran reveals the antics of "security experts" helping to lose th
Insurgent Vid Targets Blackwater, Other Contractors
Family of contractor: Another body found in Iraq
Military hearing opens for contractor charged in Iraq
US Military Holds Hearing in First Contractor Case
Hearing delayed for Iraq contractor accused of stabbing
German security firms reportedly working in Iran
Contractors face big risks in Iraq
In Iraq, more trouble with private security as Blackwater faces a grand jury in the U.S.
Iraq warns foreign security firms after shooting
US firm hiring locals for Iraq
Crescent Security says five hostages taken in Iraq are alive
Private military in Iraq
Blackwater Turret Gunner 'Paul': Why I Opened Fire in Baghdad
Blackwater guard gives account of shootout in Iraq
Next Test for Blackwater: Can Firm Get New Pentagon Work After Iraq Incident?
Security Guard Fires From Convoy, Killing Iraqi Driver
Legal Loopholes in Iraq
Swiss investigate whether ex-Blackwater employee violated mercenary law
In Iraq, Blackwater Is Old News
Blackwater sneak silencers into Iraq?
Iraq focuses on prosecution of security groups
DynCorp welcomes new U.S. oversight in Iraq
Iraq Moves to Repeal Immunity for Guards
Iraq approves draft legislation lifting immunity from contractors
Iraqis want contractors liable
U.S. Offers Cash to Victims in Blackwater Incident
Under Siege, Blackwater Takes On Air of Bunker
Blackwater: Fallujah deaths unavoidable
Contractors Could Leave Iraq in Wake of Immunity Change
Blackwater begins pullout of Iraq
Blackwater Guards Fired at Fleeing Cars, Soldiers Say
Excessive reliance on private security hurts Iraq effort
Rockets and mortars barrage Camp Victory, killing 2 coalition forces, wounding 40
Iraqi Officials: Blackwater Shootings Deliberate
Aussie boss regrets Baghdad shootings
U.S. Guards Kill 2 Iraqi Women in New Shooting
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