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Iraq & Middle East
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Roadside bomb hits 'private security vehicle' in southern Iraq
Deniable, disposable casualties
The unseen army who face death on every corner
Security firms face more danger
The security industry: Britain's private army in Iraq
Contract workers in Iraq: Deniable, disposable, disrespected casualties
Security Firms At Higher Risk For Attack In Iraq
Casualties mount for the army of private contractors rebuilding Iraq
A day in the life of a security guard in Iraq
Warning of security lapses in Iraq as hunt for abducted Britons goes on
The Security Firms Active in Iraq
Stop here and load weapon: another day’s work for the bodyguards
Five Britons seized in Baghdad ambush
U.S. Security Contractors Open Fire in Baghdad
Blackwater lawsuit over U.S. security contractors killed in Iraq headed for private arbitration
Bomb hits security company vehicle in Iraq
CBP recruiting volunteers to train Iraqi border guards
Contractors dying in increasing numbers in Iraq
UK civilian toll at 146
US contractors in Iraq a law to themselves
Iraq contractor's family demands answers
Contractor Deaths in Iraq Soar to Record
Fiji men 'hired to protect assets'
Rebuilding Iraq: A Contract Goes Awry
Armed Entrepreneurs - Private Military Companies in Iraq
U.S. House Panel Puts Iraq Contractor Abuse Claims ‘On the Record’
The Roads Are Hell
Green Zone Under Fire
Pinoy contractor killed in Baghdad rocket attack
Hansen: Sadr City is no Urbandale, satellite contractor finds
U.S. wants Border Patrol agents for Iraq
Lawmakers seek probe of private contractors in Iraq
Contractor to Protect Iraqi Parliament
Security Contractors: Riding Shotgun With Our Shadow Army In Iraq
McCaffrey: 600 U.S. Contractors Have Been Killed in Iraq
Iraq war: a nice little earner
Media Focus on Contractors Begins in Earnest
Four Hired Guns in an Armored Truck, Bullets Flying, and a Pickup and a Taxi Brought to a Halt.
Aegis mercenaries want Iraq security contract
Comrie man killed in Iraq
Opinion: Civilian contractors in Iraq deserve better treatment
I have been an MD-530 pilot for Blackwater Aviation in Iraq.
More Filipino mercenaries fighting in Iraq
Iraq: Military, Monetary & Mercenary
Al-Manar says number of Lebanon "private" security firms rising
Contractors rarely face disciplinary action in Iraq
Civilian contractor shares his view of Iraq
U.S Military Contractor Killed by Accident in Kuwait
Peru: Security agents affirm they are not serving as mercenaries in Iraq
Kiwi merc may have to stay in Lebanon despite $5k bail
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