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Iraq & Middle East
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Crime, private security services growing rapidly in Turkey
Iraq's Mercenary King
Utahn's Little Birds' of Baghdad pack quite a sting
Around 2,000 Peruvians work in security in Iraq, Afghanistan
'Mercenaries' to fill Iraq troop gap
Iraq poised to hand control of oil fields to foreign firms
3,000 LatAm Mercenaries in Iraq
Helmet and body armor standard issue for these contractors
Iraq's contracts to die for
Simulations become real-world risks for Iraq contractors
Iowa native injured in Iraq during private security duty
DynCorp International Security Supervisor Killed in Baghdad
Mortar attack strikes near Green Zone; U.S. Embassy says American contractor wounded
Iraq War Planner Was Hired by Military University, Briefly
VIDEO: Danger in Iraq not keeping contractors away
Mercenaries protect Western interests in Iraq
Fiji Provides Manpower for Dangerous Jobs in Iraq
The Murky World Of Contracting In Iraq
Mich. contractor‘s death in Iraq probed
Rock Stars of Baghdad
An Iraq Interrogator's Nightmare
After denials, Army confirms private security contract in Iraq
Are Blackwater Employees Being Sent to Iraq Without Armor or Weapons?; Libby's Testimony
Iraqi Reconstruction: Reliance on Private Military Contractors and Status Report
Security Contracts to Continue in Iraq
Contra Base in Silopi: Secretly surrounding South Kurdistan
Mercenaries are second largest force in Iraq: UN official
PERU: UN investigates Middle East mercenaries
Contractor in Iraq gets 9 years in prison
U.S. military hides information on death of contractors in Iraq
Contractor deaths in Iraq nearing 800
Our mercenaries in Iraq
Five American Security Employees Killed in Baghdad Helicopter Attack
5 Americans Killed in Iraq Copter Crash
Security helicopter shot down in Iraq
The Three U.S. Armies in Iraq
Hungarian Mercenary Killed in Iraq
San Antonio contractor killed in Iraq
Al-Qaida-linked insurgents claim responsibility for attack on convoy
Australian-linked firm in Baghdad ambush
American woman killed in Baghdad attack
Aid worker killed in Iraq ambush
American killed in Iraq was set to marry
US also plans civilian "surge" in Iraq
Aussies shoot "US contractor"
Soldier of fortune deaths go missing in Iraq
Iraq killing tracked to contractor could test laws
Cleaver holds prayer vigil for kidnapped security contractor
30 workers killed in Iraq plane crash
The Kucinich Plan For Iraq
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