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Iraq & Middle East
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Item Title
U.S. contractor killed in southern Iraq
New Gloucester man killed in Iraq
Danger MAN
Iraq bodyguard bill soars
Iraq Contractor Inflated Costs, Lawsuit Alleges
Why the Numbers Don't Add Up in Iraq
Iraq: American Deaths & Corporate Greed
Blackwater and Colombian workers clash over pay scale
Orlando military contractor killed in Iraq
At least 47 dead, 100 injured in Iraqi bombings
Ga. family of beheaded contractor sues Syria
Service in Iraq: Just How Risky?
Soldiers of (mis)fortune
COLOMBIA: Iraq mercenaries cry foul
Fijians said chasing Lebanon security work
Strikers picket company gates
Iraq ainít no Peru, say South American mercenaries
Security guard was due home: brother
Kiwis face danger in Iraq for dollars
Baghdad Driving Lesson
Former Fiji soldiers queue up for work in Lebanon
Aussie escapes death after blast in Iraq
IG recommends early contracting personnel involvement in reconstruction
Baghdad bubble over as work dries up
Contractors in combat: Firefight from a rooftop in Iraq
The vulnerable line of supply to US troops in Iraq
Rebuilding Iraq: Military and Private Security Forces Need Better Coordination
Dogs of war from Serbia
Western-employed Iraqis risk all for work
Arkansas truck driver dodges bullets in Iraq
Financial Dispute May Disrupt Iraq Airport Security
Iraq National Security Under Your Wing
Armed and ready: private soldiers in Iraq
Bush's Baghdad Palace
Ex-official's firm gets Iraqi contract
Enrile: No law barring security work in Iraq
Israeli Police Investigating Contractors
Officer Says Iraq Firms Were Slow To Return Passports
Iraqi fury at diggers killing of bodyguard
Fijis economic conscripts: tragic victims of the war in Iraq
Employees Of Contractor Barred From Iraq Resurrect Its Business
Private guards in Iraq pose challenges
U.S. group to recruit Filipinos as mercenaries in Iraq: Philippine senator
Three Fijis, Australian killed in Iraq on military contract job
US considers private firms to protect Iraq PRTs
Training days
Iraq jobs recruiter predicts more deaths
Contractors in Iraq earn billions
CNN Documentary on Contractors in Iraq
Iraq contractors make billions on the front line
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