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Iraq & Middle East
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Guards Kill Two Women In Iraq
2 civilian women killed by security operators in Iraq
In Iraq, Blackwater Is Old News
Pryor recalls helicopter trip with Blackwater in Iraq
Red, white and mercenary in Iraq
Blackwater helicopter becomes air ambulance after bombing
Liability of private contractors at Abu Ghraib in spotlight
Which U.S. Contractor Broke Crooked Iraqi Out of Prison?
Contractor involved in Iraq shooting got job in Kuwait
Liability of private contractors at Abu Ghraib in spotlight
Russia angry over Iraq security incident
Ex-Paratrooper Is Suspect in a Blackwater Killing
Blackwater guards in Baghdad wont protect FBI agents
Tracing the Paths of 5 Who Died in a Storm of Gunfire
British firms battle for Iraq security deals
Iraq: mercenary mishaps
Abu Ghraib prisoners accuse US companies of torture
Blackwater Chief Defends Actions in Iraq
Baghdad Incident Renews Debate Over Security Contractors
Security Firm Is in Smuggling Probe
Blackwater gets OK to resume Iraq duty
US Embassy resumes limited convoy movements with Blackwater protection
US Resumes Blackwater Convoys in Iraq
The real story of Baghdads Bloody Sunday
Blackwater Down
Guards Shots Not Provoked, Iraq Concludes
Iraq needs contractors
Iraq, Blackwater & mercenaries
Like diplomats, Blackwater guards blur legal line in Iraq
Iraqi MPs campaign against private security firms
Iraq to review security firms after Blackwater incident
Who watches US security firms in Iraq?
Contractors in Iraq - Another Black Eye for the US
A look at some of the incidents involving private contractors firing on Iraqi civilians
Investigate Blackwater incident before assigning blame: US
Private security firms in Iraq fight parallel war
Iraq Could Try Blackwater Over Deadly Shootout
US analysts questions role of security contractors in Iraq
Blackwater incident spotlights private role in military ops
African Contractors Hired to Offer Support to Forces in Iraq
Iraq tosses Blackwater out of the war
Security firm says Iraq jobs not at risk
Shootout in Baghdad again focuses attention on Blackwater USA
Iraq Bans Security Contractor
US Looks Into Blackwater Incident
Iraq investigates foreign security firms after Blackwater incident
What Happens To Private Contractors Who Kill Iraqis? Maybe Nothing
Iraq Revokes U.S. Security Firms License, Vows to Prosecute Employees
Blackwater Ban "Inevitable"
Blackwater license being revoked in Iraq
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