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Nigerian conflict fortifies Armor's position SUPPORT SERVICES
Security costs threaten oil contractors in Nigeria
Darfur: An Alternative Solution
Group of Mercenaries With Mission to Assassinate Oromia State Gov't Officials Arrested
No mercy for mercenaries in tough new law
US accused of covert operations in Somalia
Former British Soldier Jailed in Zimbabwe Fights Extradition to Equatorial Guinea
British Appeals May Result in Changes to SA Mercenary Law
Assembly approves mercenaries bill
Samukai Destests Awarding Of Feeding Contract Of New Army To Foreigners
SOUTH AFRICA: Anti-mercenary bill will hamper humanitarian work
Govt to press ahead with law banning mercenaries
ANC Sticks to Guns On Mercenary Bill
SA soldiers 'invaluable'
Bill sounds last post for SA security men in Iraq
S. African mercenaries to be criminalized
Britain Worried Over South African Anti-Mercenary Bill
MPs support amendments to bill on mercenaries
Rush to redraft contentious mercenary bill
Suspected mercenaries' trial delayed
Mbeki warns "anti-democratic" forces
Africa - Mercenaries plane not claimed
French dog of war spared jail
Privatization And Security in Ghana
A Mercenary Knot
Scratcher's downfall
DRC coup: Party lawyer arrested
Kabila's cheap tricks backfire
Security companies and unions back in talks
Mercenaries compared to dangerous animals
SA mercenaries need stricter rules
South African 'mercenary' pardoned in Equatorial Guinea
Illness earns SA coup suspect a ticket home
Americans tell story of detention in Congo
Secretive Orlando firm works to free men held in Congo
Congo Deports Nearly 3 Dozen Foreigners
Congo Releases Americans Accused of Plotting Coup
Statement Omega Int. Assoc. on DRC
Nigeria denies presence of Nigerian mercenaries in DR Congo
Private Military Firm Pitches Its Services in Darfur
Court ruling: Refugees can't be security guards
Former Orlando Police Captain Held Captive In Congo
DRC: South African institute discounts ''coup plot'' theory following arrests
South Africa : 'No link' between Omega, Thatcher
Congo 'Coup' Furore Ensnares SA Firm
Congo arrests Nigerians, others over alleged 'coup plot'
Zimbabwe denies deal for coup plot leader's extradition
BOUGAINVILLE: Mercenaries Told To Surrender
Zim denies deal for Mann's extradition
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