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Payroll law limits defense contractors
Private US security firms operate in Germany in a legal limbo
New US military contractor overbilling scandal in Iraq looms
How KBR/Halliburton Collected $1 Billion in "Noncredible" Costs
Iraq Contractor in Shooting Case Makes Comeback
Blackwater unlikely to face charges in Iraq shooting
Iraqi sues U.S. military contractors
Liability of Iraq Military Contractors Debated
Dogs of War: Military justice and PMCs
Military Jurisdiction Over Civilians: Opening a Can of Worms?
Bush administration misses deadline to hand over contract fraud documents to House inquiry
Bush targets contract oversight provisions
Blackwater Mounts a Defense With Top Talent
Panel Faults Army's Wartime Contracting
Security Firms in Iraq Face New Rules
Rice to Endorse More Oversight for Private Security in Iraq
Accountability of private security forces questioned
Waxman: Blackwater May Owe Back Taxes
Blackwater sued over mass shooting of Iraqi civilians
FBI to lead Blackwater probe
Blackwater Hearings Ain't no Superbad
Federal Guards to Protect Agents in Blackwater Investigation
Iraq Contractors Tap Law Firms
Still no Charges in Fatal Shooting of Bodyguard for Iraqi VP
Security Contractor Cleared in Two Firings
Blackwater-U. of I. tie
Crescent Goes Down Hard in Washington Post
Private Military Contractors Count On Crowell Partner
Judges disagree on hiring retired cops
Panel in hot water over Blackwater vote
New Scrutiny for Iraq Contractors Killing by Blackwater Worker Poses Dilemma for U.S. Authorities
Contractor Claims Same Rights As Army
Data slim on security workers
House seeks details on private security contractors in Iraq
DynCorp: Army challenges GAO verdict
Military contractor Charged with Assaulting Woman on U.S. Military Base in Iraq
Ex-cop sentenced to 15 months in federal prison
Blackwater USA threatens to sue critic
Contractors In War Zone Face Legal Front
Military Contractor Charged with Assault for Stabbing in Iraq
Law, PR firms help contractors navigate reconstruction inquiries
War Contractor Faces Jury Trial
High Court Asked to Explore Contractor Liability for Deaths in Iraq
U.S. contractor sentenced in Iraq scam
Auditors question billions in contractor bills
Ex-CIA contractor sentenced to prison
North Carolina: C.I.A. Contractor Is Sentenced
Judge Clears Contractor of Fraud in Iraq
5 Charged in Iraq Bribery Scheme
AUDIO: Congress Investigates Private Military Contracts in Iraq
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