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It's All Contracts Now: Private Military Firms and a Clash of Legal Culture
KBR faces hearings on war contracts
Private security firms weigh impact of US law change
House Panel To Examine Iraq Contracts
For war zone workers, a new fight
Iraq security contractor countersues
New Law Could Subject Civilians to Military Trial
Hit foreign mercenaries hard: Army doctrine
Military justice code now covers some contractors
Iraq killing tracked to contractor could test laws
Audio: Report on the new UCMJ
Regulating the Private Security Industry
Rep Price (NC) calls for war contractor accountability
Civilian workers could face court martial
Civilian Contractors in Iraq: Accountability and the Uniform Code of Military Justice
Price Introduces Private Security Contractor Legislation
Revised US law spotlights role of contractors on battlefield
Contractors Are Cited in Abuses at Guantanamo
Pentagon cited again for weak oversight of Iraq contractors
Pentagon faulted for lax oversight of contractors
Congress says service contracts no longer allowed
Halliburton Unit to Pay $8 Million for Overbilling
State to get tougher on security firms
VIDEO: Contractors investigation
New Roles for U.S. Contractors
Judge reinstates wrongful death lawsuit for Iraq contractors
DOD to improve service contract oversight
Serb cops on trial for deaths of 3 mercenaries
Starr pushes case to national venue
Swedish ex-mercenary pleads guilty to Bosnia war crimes
Claim of mercenaries in Fiji rejected
Ex-cop testifies in fight for job
U.K. Court Throws Out Lawsuit Over Equatorial Guinea Coup Plot
Swiss target private military firms
KBR wins US case on workers wages
A Florida Campaign Clash for Grayson & Kubli Partner
Halliburton risked lives, suits say
Switzerland wants to regulate mercenaries
Halliburton Fraud Lawsuit Details Super Bowl Party
Blackwater loses bid to move suit to federal court
Former CIA contractor is found guilty
Witness: Detainee's lack of answers enraged interrogator
Private security companies call for universal rules of engagement
Witness: CIA contractor admitted hitting Afghan prisoner
Contractor Faces Afghan Beating Trial
Prosecutor Alleges Money Laundering
Germany Probes Fairfax Contractor in Iraq
DISCLOSURE REQUEST: Security contractor names to stay secret, judge rules
Former Blackwater Employee Claims Pain Killers Led to Her Extortion Charge
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