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Polish immigrants who want to join police are 'mercenaries' claims republican group Print

23, January 2007 - By Brendan McDaid

Polish immigrants in the North West seeking to join the PSNI were today issued with a warning by Republican Sinn Fein that they will be viewed as " collaborators" and "mercenaries".

As the policing debate heats up in the region, the dissident political group linked to the Continuity IRA today branded reports that 1,000 Polish people have applied to join the force "deeply disturbing".

The Polish Welfare Association in Derry said they had no comment to make on the RSF statement.

Police in Derry meanwhile were earlier today preparing a response to the comments.

Republican Sinn Fein spoke out as the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, SDLP and Sinn Fein were tonight set to gather to discuss policing at an event organised by the Bloody Sunday Weekend Committee at 7.30pm in the Tower Hotel.

A RSF spokesman said that while the party welcomed migrant workers of into the Irish workforce, they were opposed to Polish people applying to join the police "in an apparent effort to fulfil their sectarian headcount in relation to recruits from a Catholic background".

He said: "We wish to state categorically that the Polish people should not allow themselves to become involved in a dispute which is not their own.

"As representatives of a nation which has suffered occupation under successive malign powers, and was partitioned out of existence, members of the Polish community should know better than to collaborate with an occupying power.

"The actions of those who seek enlistment in the RUC can only be judged as those of mercenaries."

He added that any Irish people who have either enlisted in or applied to join what he termed the "British colonial police" would be condemned.

He said: "Our position on the current issue is very clear: the only attitude of true republicans to the British colonial police is one of eternal hostility." 

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