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March 14, 2007 - US Fed News - KALA GUSH, Afghanistan

The U.S. Department of Defense's Central Command issued the following news feature article: Seven Afghan National Policemen graduated the first phase of ANP training
March 9 at the Nuristan PRT base of Kala Gush.

The graduation marked only the latest in a long and growing string of security training accomplishments for the Nuristan PRT and partners with the DynCorp International Afghanistan Police Program. One of the most important strategic goals for success in creating a secure, prosperous, and democratic Afghanistan is to establish the rule of law necessary for a democratic order and a free-market economy. To help meet that goal, the Nuristan PRT is providing police training practices to the provincial ANP.

Developing a strong law enforcement system is a key element toward the reconstruction and development efforts taking place all across Afghanistan. Security improvements diminish the threat of the Taliban and other extremists while allowing the provincial governments to effectively govern their territories and provide stability to the people of this war-torn nation.

Over the course of the past four and a half months, members of the Nuristan PRT security training force and DynCorp have teamed up to bring much-needed organization and training to the police force in Eastern Nuristan.

The security force training provided to the ANP is administered by Navy Petty Officers Will Master, Rob Mohr, Dennie Abernathy and William Vinsonhaler.

As the PRT Police Training Advisory Team, they are tasked to assist in enabling and facilitating the training and operational employment of a legitimate police force throughout the Eastern  areas of Nuristan. DynCorp advisors Joel Griffith and Douglas Brown work side-by-side with the PTAT and oversee the police training program and certification of the ANP officers. Their other duties include mentoring the provincial police chiefs and officers in basic police tactics, procedures and operational organization.

"Our goal is to provide a solid basis of police training and proficiency for which the ANP can build upon. To work in a region where an organized police presence was non-existent previously is quite a challenge. However, with the outstanding teaching being provided by the PRT's Police Advisory Training Team, a strong foundation of police skills are being laid for the officers being trained," Griffith said.

To date, over 100 ANP officers have been trained in Level One police skills such as protecting the public and eliminating criminal activities. The training provided is a week-long course that teaches police ethics, integrity, personal searches, vehicle searches, handcuffing, weapons safety and defensive tactics.

The success of the program can be measured by the enthusiasm of the officers taking part in the course. A large number of the ANP in Eastern Nuristan, both new recruits and seasoned officers alike, will travel upwards of five hours one way from remote and rugged areas just to receive the training. Establishing peace and security is a long-term commitment. Through their hard work and effort, the DynCorp IAPP and Nuristan PRT PATT help provide the Nuristan ANP with necessary skills that give credibility to the work they perform and the local populace a sense of security and faith in their police and security forces.
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