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Cuba: UN Mercenary Group Investigate US Print
Geneva, Mar 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuba urged the UN Human Rights Council's working group on mercenaries to visit the United States, which recruits such elements to carry out deadly missions against the Cuban people.

Cuba´s Rodolfo Reyes addressed the plenary meeting of the Council on the mercenary group´s report related to structural adjustment, foreign debt and the special digest on education rights.
The Cuban official urged continued monitoring of classic and traditional mercenary activity, particularly the impact on human rights of private military and security companies.

Nearly 50,000 mercenaries are presently working as contractors in support of the coalition that invaded Iraq, the latest method to back up foreign occupation and imperial conquest, he said.

This serves US hegemonic interests, and some have been direct perpetrators of the most execrable forms of torture in Abu Ghraib, recalled Reyes.

He also stressed the need to monitor terrorist anti-Cuban groups freely operating in the US, and recalled attacks on Cuban hotels by Central American mercenaries recruited by notorious terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who bombed a Cuban civilian plane in 1976 with 73 aboard.

The US failed in its duty to extradite him to Venezuela or bring charges of terrorism against him, so Cuba considers it critical that the Council´s work group on mercenaries visit the US as soon as possible, he concluded.
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