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Roadside mine hits UN vehicle in Afghanistan, 5 killed Print
By DPA - Apr 17, 2007
Kabul - Four Nepalese and one Afghan were killed Tuesday when a United Nations vehicle was struck by a remote-controlled bomb, while four children were killed and another four wounded in an explosion in western Afghanistan, officials said.
The vehicle was part of a UN convoy travelling in Kandahar city when the blast occurred, said provincial police chief Esmatullah Alizai.

Four Nepalese working as security guards and their Afghan driver died immediately, and the area was cordoned off by police for investigation, he said.

He charged that the mine was newly planted by the 'enemies of Afghanistan,' a term used by Afghan officials to describe Taliban-led militants.

UN spokesman Adrian Edwards confirmed the incident, saying, 'it is a serious incident. We are taking it seriously.'

'Intentional attacks on civilians are a clear violation of international humanitarian law, and the UN will be pursuing full accountability for those who are behind this,' Edwards said.

'We grieve for our lost colleagues and for the murdered and wounded children and offer our deep sympathies to their families and loved ones,' Edwards added.

The EU special representative in Afghanistan, Francesc Vedrell, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa in Kabul: 'I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by this attack.'

The UN stood for peace, he said, adding: 'I hope this is an isolated incident that is not going to be repeated.'

Meanwhile, four children were killed and four others wounded when an old artillery shell they were playing with exploded in a school in western Herat province on Tuesday morning, Nesar Ahmad Paikar, head of Herat police's criminal section, said.

Paikar said the school was located in an old military base and the shell was left behind.

Mines and unexploded ordnance left over from the country's 30 years of conflicts have claimed the lives of hundreds of Afghans, especially children.
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