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State Dept. Recruiting Counterdrug Aviation Adviser for Peruvian Jungle Post Print

State Dept. Recruiting Counterdrug Aviation Adviser for Peruvian Jungle Post

By Stephen Peacock,  Fri Apr 15th, 2005

The U.S. State Dept. is continuing to step up deployment of personnel and resources
to conduct air-based coca- and poppy eradication missions in South America, evident
most recently by a recruitment campaign to locate a new Fixed Wing Aviation Advisor
at a key command post in the jungle town of Pucallpa, Peru - a facility involved in
the April 20, 2001, downing of an airplane that killed U.S. missionary Veronica
Bowers and her infant daughter, Charity.

The new aviation adviser would report to the American Embassy's Narcotics Affairs
Section (NAS) in Lima, Peru, and will assist the NAS executive field coordinator in
the monitoring and coordination of activities in support of Peruvian counternarcotics
operations. According to an April 11 personnel solicitation notice obtained from the
FedBizOpps procurement database, the new adviser will be stationed in Pucallpa - home
of the Sixth Territorial Air Region Command (VI/RAT) Command Post - but also will
coordinate NAS aviation operations "at other forward operating sites east of the
This recruitment drive come at a time when the U.S. government simultaneously is
planning the region-wide deployment of contract mercenaries - beginning with Peru and
Bolivia - who as early as next month will set up what the State Dept. refers to as
Combined Country Personnel Recovery Centers, or CCPRCs. The CCPRCs will serve as
staging grounds for reconnaissance missions involving missing or captured
counternarcotics pilots and personnel.

NarcoSphere on March 31 was the first news outlet to expose the CCPRC project (see
"Mercenaries to Play Greater Role in Future U.S.-Led Drug Interdiction, Crop
Eradication Missions"
http://narcosphere.narconews.com/story/2005/3/31/1 3529/5779 ).
Despite worldwide dissemination and discussion of the report by bloggers and
independent media news groups, the mainstream media has been - and continues to be -
silent about the matter.

The State Dept. estimates that it will establish annual compensation for the Fixed
Wing Aviation Advisor in the $58,845-$86,714 range. Potential candidates must have
the ability to "plan and analyze international counter-narcotics aviation operations
and logistic support programs," according to the personnel solicitation.

Job seekers also should be aware of the fact that, if hired, "Changes in legislation
and national strategy, coupled with foreign political uncertainties sometimes
complicate plans. Aviation advisor must cope with such diverse factors as foreign
assistance legislation, bilateral agreements, U.S. policy, available U.S. government
aircraft support, and private sector aviation support."

Additionally, the department notice points out that it is "desired," but not
necessarily required, that candidates have some "Knowledge of the political,
economic, legal and military environment of Peru and regional factors affecting
counternarcotics programs," as well as "Familiarity with U.S. and Latin-America
counter narcotics operations."


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