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UK security worker dies in Kabul Print
A British senior manager of a private security company has been shot dead in the Afghan capital Kabul.

Richard Adamson worked for London-based ArmorGroup, which provides protection for UK government personnel and diplomatic staff in Afghanistan.

A spokesman for ArmorGroup said he was killed by "unknown assailants". His wife and two sons have been informed.

"He was known as a friend to Afghanistan by the Afghans, so this is a loss to them as well", he added.
The Foreign Office confirmed that a British national was shot dead on Wednesday.

ArmorGroup's spokesman, Christopher Beese, said Mr Adamson was "very popular" and seen as a "positive influence" in Afghanistan.

"He was one of our best. He has been there a long time, several years," he said.

"We have been working with the deceased's wife as best we can at this terrible time."

BBC correspondent Charles Haviland, who is in Kabul, said there were unconfirmed reports that two other ArmorGroup employees had been arrested in connection with the killing.

British Embassy

ArmorGroup has about 1,200 staff in Afghanistan providing protection to those involved in the country's reconstruction.

The firm was chosen by the Foreign Office to guard personnel working for the British Embassy and organisations such as the Department For International Development, HM Customs and Revenue and the British Council.

The shooting happened in mid-afternoon local time in a residential area in the east of the city, about a mile from the embassy.

Charles Haviland said a local resident reported hearing several gunshots before seeing a car drive away at great speed leaving behind the body of the victim.

He also said it appeared that money had been taken from the victim.

Mr Beese said Mr Adamson was a former Royal Marine Warrant Officer with 20 years service who started work with ArmorGroup in 2002.

Said to be in his 60s, he was described as having a wealth of experience working with humanitarian agencies.

ArmorGroup said Mr Adamson was the first of its British employees lost in Afghanistan, but local employees of the firm had been killed in the past.

Earlier, a bomb on the outskirts of Kabul left three German nationals dead.

Germany's Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said they were police officers who were protecting the German Embassy.
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