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Yahoogroup PMCS PMCs is a discussion group on the ethics, evolution and future of the international private military services industry. This includes private military companies (PMCs), private security companies (PSCs), mercenaries and corporate armies. This newsgroup will include anyone who is interested in discussing the topic with others from NGOs, PMCs, PSCs, universities, human rights organizations or with backgrounds in the field. The group encourages the posting of relevant articles, papers, web sites and opinions. Advertising or services and/or resumes is NOT allowed.
YahooGroup AMPMlist The AMPMlist provides news, articles, and announcements related to the *international* trade in private military services. The focus is on Private Military Companies (PMCs), Private Security Companies (PSCs), and Non-lethal Service Providers (NSPs) - all generally known as Military Service Providers (MSPs). The list also covers related issues such as freelance mercenaries, conflict diamonds, child soldiers, UN operations, peacekeeping, peace enforcement,humanitarian rescue operations, and legal and ethical issues related to all of these topics.



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