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DYNCORP - International Advisor - Afghanistan Print
International Advisor - Afghanistan
DynCorp International LLC

DynCorp International currently has an opening for an International Advisor. The successful candidate will mentor the Government of Afghanistan's Poppy Elimination Program (PEP) team which operates in the seven key poppy producing provinces. The PEP team is charged with empowering governors to play an active role in the elimination of poppy in their provinces. The candidate will assist their respective PEP team in conducting public information campaigns to dissuade farmers from planting poppy and will serve as an interlocutor for assistance in the province.
The International Advisor must have the ability to:

„« Independently identify and assess local political motivation

„« Identify opportunities for assistance

„« Assist with the formulation and implementation of a local policy/program

„« Develop a dynamic and strong information campaign

„« Ensure Afghan ¡¥ownership¡¦ of poppy elimination

„« Work within a small mixed International/Afghan team in isolated and arduous conditions

„« Acquire a good working knowledge of all the terrain and agriculture within their allocated Province including all aspects and issues surrounding poppy cultivation

„« Acquire a good knowledge and understanding of the Alternative Livelihoods and development activity within their province

„« Evaluate support, compliance and engagement with poppy elimination throughout the Province

„« Report eradication activity

„« Establish and maintain good relations with the leadership of the local international military security providers and Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)

„« Exercise initiative, ingenuity and imagination and the mental agility to adhere to a challenging mission in a complex political and security environment


Ideal candidates as PEP international team members (US or TCN), with strong capabilities identified above, are likely to have a broad combination of the following experiences and qualifications:

„« Service at the O-4 level or higher if a former commissioned officer, E-8 or higher if a non-commissioned officer, or FS0-2/GS-14 or higher if former Foreign Service or Civil Service Officer.

„« Two or more years of working closely with senior officials of foreign governments, comparable to provincial governors in Afghanistan, to nurture and implement far-reaching policy changes.

„« Five or more years as a program manager/senior supervisor, especially in one of the capability areas identified above

„« Four-year college degree and preferably graduate degree

„« Two or more years working in a developing country, preferably on counter-narcotics, agricultural, or public information programs, especially bridging the gap between policy makers in the capital city and those charged with implementing policies and programs in the field

„« Sustained experience in difficult and possibly dangerous environments.

Contact Information: Kristian Williams
Phone: 214.524.6080
Email: Kristian.williams@dyn-intl.com
Apply by: April 1, 2006
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