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Private Military/Security Companies 

Private Military Companies or Private Security Companies are a reality in 21st century conflicts all around the globe.  Often mistaken with their ancient predecessors (the so-called mercenaries), offer their protection/defensive services to both private and public clients, including NGOs, United Nations, aid agencies and goverments.

This site is a portal which offers news and articles on this topic. A controversial topic which gains more and more public attention due to their status as civilians and increasing casualties among this group of operators .

Together with the whole private security community we are crediting their sacrifice. Be it to their country, their client or asset to be protected or their buddies working at their side. 
Critics allege State broke acquisition rules in Baghdad contract
Iraq & Middle East
By Robert Brodsky - October 14, 2008

A government watchdog group and a Democratic senator allege that the State Department broke federal acquisition rules when it hired a Falls Church, Va., company to investigate possible crimes by American private security contractors in Iraq.

The allegations center on the May hiring of U.S. Investigations Services to supplement the staff of the State Department's Force Investigation Unit, created in the wake of the deadly September 2007 shooting by Blackwater Worldwide guards in Baghdad's Nisoor Square. The unit is charged with pursuing accusations of misuse of force by other war zone contractors.
Can Private Military Firms Play a Role in Darfur?

International Affairs Review

Emerging at the end of the 20th century amid significant global controversy, private military firms (PMFs) represent a new facet of armed conflict. Although PMFs are relatively new, the concept of for-hire soldiers is certainly not unique; mercenaries have existed since ancient times. As a modern manifestation of the mercenary organization, the public has been extremely critical of these organizations because of their lack of accountability and the ambiguous legality of their work. Recently, the media has been particularly critical of PMFs operating in Iraq and have focused on their immunity from prosecution. The uproar surrounding the recent Blackwater shootings exemplifies the ongoing controversy.
Addax uses Nigeria navy staff to guard oil facilities
Mon 13 Oct 2008 - By David Sheppard

LONDON, Oct 13 (Reuters) - Militant and pirate activity in Nigeria's oil producing south has led Canada's Addax Petroleum <AXC.TO> <AXC.L> to hire ex-U.S. military speed boats staffed by Nigerian navy personnel, the company's CEO said.

Jean Claude Gandur, chief executive officer of the oil exploration and production firm, told Reuters in an interview that an attack on an Addax supply vessel in June, which left one of its contractors dead, had forced the company to act.
U.S. Military Increasingly Privatized
U.S. government has lost track of massive private contractor army operating in active U.S. war zones

By Richard Walker

The next president will find that private contractors have not only benefited from the war on terror and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq but they have become an integral and expanding part of America’s military-industrial structure.
Dogs of War: A small step for contractors
WASHINGTON, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- For those who like to characterize private security contractors as uncontrolled, unregulated, thinly disguised mercenaries run amok, September was a bad month.

For it was on Sept. 17 that the "Montreux Document" was released. That document, the "Montreux Document on Pertinent International Legal Obligations and Good Practices for States Related to Operations of Private Military and Security Companies During Armed Conflict," was the culmination of nearly three years' work of the both the Swiss Initiative on Private Military and Security Companies and the International Committee of the Red Cross. It also involved experts from a number of governments, including the United States, as well as other stakeholders from the private sector and non-government organizations
Iraq private sector falters; rolls of government soar
Iraq & Middle East
By Campbell Robertson - August 11, 2008

BAGHDAD: Hampered by years of violence, a decimated infrastructure, a lack of foreign investors and a flood of imports that undercut local businesses, Iraq's private sector, particularly its small non-oil economy, has so far failed to flourish as its American patrons had hoped.

In its absence, the Iraqi government has been sustaining the economy the way it always has: by putting citizens on its payroll. Since 2005, according to federal budgets, the number of government employees has nearly doubled, to 2.3 million from 1.2 million.
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