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Contracting Iraq
Iraq & Middle East
There has been a lot of political discussion recently about when US troops will pull out of Iraq and under what circumstances. But at the same time, the US government is negotiating an agreement with Iraq that would spell out terms for American troops to stay past the end of this year, when United Nations authorization expires.
Prosecutors ask for 30-year prison sentence for Briton accused in Equatorial Guinea coup plot

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea (AP) - Prosecutors are requesting a 30-year prison sentence for a British ex-officer accused of masterminding a failed coup plot in Equatorial Guinea.
Attorney General Jose Olo Obono has told the court that the charges against Simon Mann are serious enough to merit the death penalty. But an extradition agreement prohibits the death penalty
Blackwater Worldwide and the Role of Mercenaries in 21st Century Armed Conflicts
Part I - 07.06.08
Outsourcing is one of the givens of the 21st century global economy. This includes armed security services. No one realizes this more than the George W. Bush. In waging wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Bush administration relies to a large extent on private guards . Or, more to the point, on mercenaries.
French Mercenaries To Patrol Somalia, Blackwater in Mia Farrow's Dream for Darfur
Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press at the UN: News Analysis
UNITED NATIONS, June 16 -- That the UN might pay mercenaries to do peacekeeping missions appears closer all the time. French private military firm Secopex has announced a contract with Somalia's Transitional Federal Government, worth 50 to 100 million Euros over three years, to patrol the coastline and to protect president Yusuf, whose plane is fired at every time it leaves or enters Mogadishu airport.
Blackwater's bright future
Business News
No matter who wins the White House, the security firm is shooting for lucrative work.
By Jeremy Scahill - June 16, 2008
From California to Iraq, business has never been better for the controversial private security firm Blackwater Worldwide. Company President Gary Jackson recently boasted that Blackwater has "had two successive quarters of unprecedented growth." Owner Erik Prince recently spun his company as the "FedEx" of the U.S. national security apparatus, describing Blackwater as a "robust temp agency."
Dogs of War: Two little words
WASHINGTON, June 13 (UPI) -- How much argument can there be over the definition of two words?

A lot, it turns out, if those two words are "inherently governmental" and if they appear in federal documents defining what functions U.S. agencies cannot contract out to the private sector.

What are inherently governmental functions? Once upon a time they definitely used to include those activities done by the military, intelligence, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.
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