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Security Risk Corporation provides Bodyguard Services, Bodyguard Trainning and Close Protection Services in every part of the world from our Africa base , to the full range of client groups, all with their diferent needs, requirements, hopes, fears,
  Link   Sentinel International, LLC
As an American corporation, Sentinel International is dedicated to providing high profile individuals, businesses and government, the general public and State Department approved entities with quality security and intelligence consulting. Sentinel do
  Link   The Sandi Group
The Sandi Group is a diversified, multi-disciplined private company, headquartered in Washington DC, United States of America. We bring financial expertise, advanced technical skills, extensive business experience and strong leadership to all aspects
  Link   Orcan International Ltd.
Orcan International focuses on providing physical and human security personnel, security/risk assessments and mitigation, and training programs performed by an extensive network of high-level international experts.
  Link   The ANN Corporation
The ANN Corporation is a Service Disabled Veteran owned (DVO,SBA ) , service, and solution, group for the purchase manufacturing, repair, of armored passenger vehicles, trucks, also Armored bulletproof vests. We service clients in the government,
  Link   Omega Risk Solutions
  Link   MichaelPadilla-Pagan-Payano
PMC company
  Link   Marconi Group
Marconi International Security & Services was established in 1998 by Marco Fitze, as a long time career and Airborne Soldier in the German Bundeswehr Mr. Fitze was able to conceive a totally new concept in the privatized security sector in Germany.
  Link   SCG Airline
  Link   Defense Contractors List
A Listing Site of Defense COntractors
  Link   V2 International
  Link   EUBSA Security Academy
Our training goal is to form the finest security personnel available. Our staff is required to be able to function as small teams or as a big organisation, as well as individuals. Our team members must each be capable of working on all fields of the
  Link   Global Security Source
Global Security Source, LLC. (GSS) is the security industry’s single one-stop source for highly trained and qualified security, surveillance, and protection professionals.
  Link   Groupe EHC
We are the only French-speaking PSC/PMC and have placed around 50 people in Irak, Middle-East and Africa for different UK and US companies.
  Link   International services and consulting group LLC
New PMC provide ex french legionnaires in hostle zone for protection convoy, close protection, sure of hign threat sites...
  Link   PSD-Training
A company specialized in training courses for the service in the security sector
  Link   Vinnell Corporation
Vinnell is a recognized leader in facilities operation and maintenance, military training, educational and vocational training, and logistics support in the United States and overseas.[
  Link   Universal Guardian Holdings
'Global Security Solutions to Meet Growing Global Security Risks
  Link   Trojan Securities International
Trojan Securities was established by former British elite military personnel with associated United States special operations counterparts, providing a wide range of very specialized global services. Our business is divided into to two key areas, sec
  Link   SECOPEX.
A corporation of former military leaders from the french special and elite forces and high graduated civilian experts, is one of the french's leading professional services companies engaged in defence, security and organizational programs in France a
  Link   Sandline International
Sandline was a Private Military Company (PMC) focusing on conflict resolution. The company worked worldwide and was resourced by professionals with many years of operational experience at senior rank within first world armies. Has been shut down in
  Link   Ronco Consulting Corporation
A leading international professional services firm specializing in Humanitarian Demining Assistance, Procurement Services, Agribusiness and Private Sector Development, and Financial Markets Consulting.
  Link   Presidium International Corporation
A company operating on sectors such as security, defence, business protection, and on crisis management in medium and high risk areas.
  Link   Pacific Architects & Engineers
PAE has grown from designing bridges to installing offshore oil platforms to supplying entire labor forces to maintaining extensive military installations and bases.
  Link   Olive Security
Olive Security was established to meet increasing corporate security requirements on a global scale.
  Link   Northbridge Services Group
Northbridge Services Group specialises in providing highly confidential and effective security related services designed to address the needs of Governments, Multi-National Corporations, Non Governmental Organisations, the Corporate Sector and Promin
  Link   MPRI
MPRI is a professional services company engaged in defense related contracting in the U.S. and international markets.
  Link   Meyer & Associates
Meyer & Associates Special Operations Group will provide solutions that allow you to earn the profits you deserve and provide safety and security for your projects and personnel
  Link   Rapid Expert and Assistance Cooperation Teams
  Link   ISEC Corporate Security Ltd
ISEC are happy to supply the increasing demand for its highly skilled operatives to any legitimate government, corporate or morally sound cause.
  Link   International Security & Defence Systems (ISDS)
ISDS. is a multinational security company, established in 1982 by highly experienced officers, former operatives of I.S.A. Israeli Security Agency, the MOSSAD and the Defence Forces.
  Link   International Charter Incorporated of Oregon (ICI).
ICI has provided the [US State] Department with a responsive, experienced, flexible organization that is poised to respond immediately to changing requirements under short deadlines and in hardship environments
  Link   Groupe GEOS
GEOS est le leader de la prévention et de la gestion des risques en Europe continentale.
  Link   Global Risk Strategies
Global Risk Strategies (GLOBAL) was set up at the beginning of 1998, after it was identified that the need existed for a compact, flexible and client oriented Political and Security Risk Management Company.
  Link   Genric
Genric Ltd aims to provide a personalized, flexible and discreet service at a reasonable cost, using only highly skilled and experienced personnel.
  Link   Erinys International
ERINYS is an international business intelligence and security risk consultancy focused on Africa and the Middle East. We assist clients with a range of services and capabilities that are not usually accessible through the normal corporate environment
  Link   DynCorp
Dyncorp has been purchased by leading IT-Company csc.com
  Link   Cubic Defense Applications (CDA
CDA 'supplies live, constructive and virtual military training systems, integrated services and communications products to the U.S. Department of Defense, government agencies and allied nations.[
  Link   Custer Battles
Custer Battles, LLC, is an international business risk consultancy, is a veteran owned business that provides objective risk management and security consulting services of the highest quality and within an ethical framework.
  Link   Blackwater USA
Blackwater USA is comprised of five companies; Blackwater Training Center, Blackwater Target Systems, Blackwater Security Consulting, Blackwater Canine, and Blackwater Air (AWS). We have established a global presence and provide training and tactical
  Link   Beni Tal
Beni Tal. BENI TAl is the leading most professional company in its field in Israel today. BENI TAL provides military security services and projects throughout the world, with specially chosen Israeli personnel. BENI TAL deals only in completely legal
  Link   ArmorGroup International
For more than 20 years ArmorGroup has been providing quality risk management services to corporate, government and humanitarian organizations, particularly those that need to operate in hazardous or chaotic environments that put their people, physica
  Link   AKE Group
AKE Limited was founded by Andrew Kain in 1991, to provide specialist risk services to businesses, NGOs and the media. The company provides a wide and integrated range of services, training, equipment, and technology. Much of our equipment and techno
  Link   AirScan
AirSacn Inc. is committed to providing clients the best air, ground, and maritime surveillance, security and aviation possible.
  Link   Aegis Defence Services
Aegis is a UK-registered risk assessment, security and defence assistance company. Our core purpose is to increase the business effectiveness of clients by ensuring that they neither underestimate nor exaggerate the risks to their operations, investm


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