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Other PMC-Links
  Web Link
  Link   Shadow Spear
  Link   Special Operations Combat Systems International
SOCSI is a private sector tactical training firm that ensures the readiness of soldiers and others in high-risk professions such as law enforcement officers and close protection specialists. We focus upon three inter-related components; Dynamic Physi
  Link   NH-TEMS
tactical medic resources site.
  Link   Mercury Associates
security consultancy, surveillance, close protection specialists. No job to big or small. From early 2007 we will be providing level 3 close protection courses (edexecl accredited)in Yorkshire England. for more information please visit the website.
  Link   Military Videos
Selection of military and PMC Videos
  Link   Uglypuppy.net
American truckers at war
  Link   Sentinel International, LLC
As an American corporation, Sentinel International is dedicated to providing high profile individuals, businesses and government, the general public and State Department approved entities with quality security and intelligence consulting. Sentinel do
  Link   Jaco S. Botes
A Support Forum for South African Contractors that may be affected by the new mercenary law. Become part of our community and benefits.
  Link   http://www.mountainrunner.us/private_military_companies/index.html
  Link   Primetimecrime
List and Infos on PMCs
  Link   Aegis Iraq
Website of Aegis PSD Operators in Iraq. Not oficially related to Aegis Defence Ltd.
  Link   Military Forums UK
  Link   UKPSD
The resource for the professional operator
  Link   The Red Zone
  Link   SecureAspects
A free website for Close Protection, P.S.D, High Risk, Security, Law Enforcement and Military professionals.
  Link   PMCs by Center for Public Integrity
Good investigative site with in-depth on PMC's
  Link   Excellent linkarchive
The former company Sandline still has some very interesting links on its website!
  Link   Global Guerillas
Interesting Link on 21st century warfare
  Link   Fortliberty
Excellent Ressource on PMCs
  Link   Private Military dot org.
Classic PMC-Weblink ressource
  Link   PMC-Monitor
New Website which focuses on Regulation and Monitoring of PMCs worldwide
  Link   Excellent PMC-Newsgroup
Excellent PMC-Newsgroup managed by Doug Brooks with a lot of subscribers.


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